Baseline Assesments

Baseline Assesments

by Edmunt Hale–Trenoweth -
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Beyond The Edge Tutoring is excited to announce the launch of its very first online baseline assessments

The Beyond The Edge Tutoring baseline assessment, will be available to all learners, currently in:

  • Foundation Phase (Grade 1-3)
  • Intermediate Phase (Grade 4-6)
  • Senior Phase (Grade 7-9)

Learning Areas 

  • Mathematics
  • English HL
  • Afrikaans FAL

When/ Launch Date: 15th December 2022

These assessments will be available online for all parents/ caregivers, who have children following the CAPS curriculum and who wish to get a better indication on which level their learners are currently performing academically.

These baseline assessments will give the parent/caregiver a better indication if their child/children need any urgent academic support and interventions, to assist them with their academic progress. These assessments are developed by a dynamic team of qualified educators.    

These assessments are essential for learners and educators, and educators will use this information to collect data and identify information on your learner's current academic level by establishing a basis for comparing a before and after analysis. 

Further information in relation to these assessments will be shared soon!

We are extremely excited to rally behind your learner, in supporting them with the essential academic tools and support to progress  well academically.   


Beyond The Edge Tutoring

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